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Have you been looking for natural ways to help with seizures and tics without prescription drugs? Seizures and tics can afffect children and adults. Here at Hengesteg Chiropractic, the approach to seizures and tics has been very successful. Both of these conditions are a neurological misfiring like a "short" in an electrical wire. There are 3 things that can contribute to both of these conditions:

1. Metal Toxicity

2. Electromagnetic Frequency Sensitivity

3. Cranial Faults

Without going into too much detail, we are constantly exposed to Electormagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and Metal Toxicities. These affect the nervous system in our bodies and can cause hyperactivity of the synapses in the brain. Cranial Faults will occur because of this. The best way to explain this is comparing it to earthquakes. When an earthquake occurs, there is a slight shift in the fault lines. When someone has seizures or tics, their is constant stress on the cranial faults of the skull.

Success with these conditions is helping detoxify the body of metal toxicities, minimizing EMF exposure, and correcting the Cranial Faults.

I am a Board Certified Applied Kinesiologist and have spent 14 years working on Cranial Faults for people who have suffered migraines, concussions, seizures, and tics. It is unfortunate that Cranial Faults are the least talked about method to treat these conditions when they are critical in helping people recover from these conditions.

This is a list of the common Cranial Faults I find:

Inspiration/Expiration Assist Cranial Fault

Glabella Cranial Fault

Temporal Bulge Cranial Fault

Parietal Descent Cranial Fault

Universal Cranial Fault

Sagittal Suture Cranial Fault

Squamosal Suture Cranial Fault

Lambdoidal Suture Cranial Fault

Zygomatic Suture Cranial Fault

Images can be found in the Applied Kinesiology Synopsis 2nd Edition book by David S. Walther.

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