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What is Clinical Nutrition? This is a very common question. The easiest way to explain it is this: Clinical Nutrition is a natural way to help the body with 3 phases: REMOVE toxins, REPAIR inflamed and/or damaged organs, and REPLENISH deficiencies.

REMOVE TOXINS: Toxins are anything in the body that can cause imflammation and/or damage to cells and organs of the body. Without removing toxins in the body will cause a constant cascade of inflammation which will cause dysfunction of the immune system, endocrine system, digestive system, and all other systems in the body which can manifest into illness, disease, and cancer.

What are the most important toxins to eliminate? Candida, fungus, parasites, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and foods.

Methods used to rid the body of these toxins are all natural. I use antifungal herbs and/or oils, antiparasitic herbs, antibacterial herbs, immune boosters to fight viruses to make dormant, antioxidants to eliminate chemicals and pesticides, herbs to remove heavy metals, and remove any foods from the diet that may cause sensitivies or allergies.

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REPAIR INFLAMED AND/OR DAMAGED ORGANS: Once the toxins have entered the body, they will start to do what they do best; damage cells, organs, and systems in the body. Once the toxins are removed the body can start to heal. The essential nutrients consist of a multivitamin, fish oils, anti-inflamatory, antioxidants, glandular supplements specific to organ dysfunction, and amino acids to repair tissue.Detoxification

REPLENISH DEFICIENCIES: Repair and replenish can consist of the same nutrients. Replenish is your basic foundation to sustain great health as much as possible. Multivitamins and fish oils are key for proper cellular function. Antioxidants and anti-inflamatories are beneficial in this phase also.

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How do you determine if you have toxins in the body?

There are many ways to determine if you have candida/fungus, parasites, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and food sensitivities/allergies. Candida and parasites can be determined though blood tests and stool samples. Bacteria and viruses can be determined through blood tests. Heavy metals can be determined through hair analysis. Food sensitivies/allergies can be determined by blood tests or saliva tests. Tests can range from basic food test of $79 and can range up to $550.

Applied Kinediology or also known as Muscle Testing has been a part of my life since 1993 by my chiropractor. What I experienced was miraculous. I am always fascinated by the outcomes I have seen in my patients the last 12 years doing these techniques.

I have exciting news for anyone who is interested in the Clinical Nutrition Program! I am able to do consults with anyone, anywhere in the United States. Here are the steps necessary to do this:

1. Go to "Ask Dr. Hengesteg" on the bottom right area of the home page of this website.

2. It will request your name, email, and question. Fill out and press submit.

3. I will then receive your information and send you via email a "Detailed Symptom Survey." This survey is very detailed and one of the best ways to determine what is going on with your health.

4. Once completed, the survey will be sent back to me. I will go over everything you filled out and be able to determine what your primary problems are with your health.

5. We schedule a phone or video consult to go over the "Detailded Symptom Survey" and I will help you create an action plan to start healing your body.

6. The Action Plan I have for you will include specific supplements needed to jump start your health. We will monitor your symptoms every 2-3 weeks for follow up consults.

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